Sync your personal and company calendars, tasks, contacts with Outlook or Blackberry devices, using these connectors.

Important: to upgrade the Outlook connector from an older release, uninstall the older release first, and when the uninstaller asks 'Do you want to remove the data for Nexthaus SyncJe for Outlook' reply 'No'. This will keep your sync settings.

  • DeskNow SyncML Connector for Outlook - version
  • To access your private and shared contacts, appointments, tasks from Outlook.

    Note for Windows Vista: to run the installer, do not double click on it, but right-click on it an then select 'Run as administrator'.

BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Palm, iPhone and mobile phones

SyncML clients are also available for most PDAs - see the online help for more information.

Many modern mobile phones also support SyncML. Check with your phone manual for SyncML support.


SyncML support requires optional DeskNow SyncML Connector license for the server - this is enabled automatically during the trial period.

The Outlook connector is included with the DeskNow SyncML Connector license for the server.