Purchase DeskNow SyncML Connector

Pricing and ordering

To purchase a DeskNow SyncML Connector license, please click below to start the order process.

The SyncML Connector requires that a DeskNow Professional license is already present in your system. The SyncML Connector will not work with DeskNow Lite after the trial period.

The SyncML Connector will let your users sync data with the DeskNow Connector for Outlook and any other SyncML-compliant client. If using third party clients, additional license fees may need to be paid to the respective suppliers.

Licenses are per user account - regardless how many devices a user syncs with.

The payment process is fully secure, provided by a professional merchant company and certified by Verisign. We accept payment by Credit Card, Switch/Solo, Bank transfer, Check, Cash and PayPal. We support online and fax orders.

License Price (USD)  
DeskNow SyncML Connector - 5 users 75
DeskNow SyncML Connector - 10 users 149
DeskNow SyncML Connector - 15 users 219
DeskNow SyncML Connector - 20 users 279
DeskNow SyncML Connector - 30 users 379
DeskNow SyncML Connector - 40 users 479
DeskNow SyncML Connector - 60 users 599
DeskNow SyncML Connector - 100 users 799
DeskNow SyncML Connector - 150 users 1,099
DeskNow SyncML Connector - 200 users 1,299
DeskNow SyncML Connector - more than 200 users contact us  

All prices are expressed in US dollars. Billing is available in different currencies at the current exchange rate.

IMPORTANT: please make sure to order a license that suits your current number of users.
To check how many users in your system are using SyncML functionalities, login as 'admin' and click on Administration / SyncML Connector License).

You can view which users are using the SyncML functionalities by visiting Administration/Users and communties. You can clear sync data for user that do not need SyncML functionality, thus lowering the number of user required for the license.

The SyncML Connector requires that a DeskNow Professional license is already present in your system. The SyncML Connector will not work with DeskNow Lite after the trial period.

License delivery and use

When you purchase a license online with your credit card, you will immediately receive the license file. You can install the license file in your existing DeskNow server, and after restarting the server will have all the functionalities enabled. When using other forms of payment, the license delivery will take a bit longer (depending on the banking process), but it will occur via email as well.

Upgrading your license

Should you require a license that allows for a larger number of users than your current license, we will gladly provide you the new license at just the differential price. Please contact us to request a license upgrade.

Educational and non-profit organizations

Although our pricing is already very competitive, we provide a 40% discount for certified educational and non-profit organizations. Please contact us to apply for a discount. No-profit organizations are organizations with tax-exempt status recognition (charities, libraries, schools, etc). Personal (home) use is not recognized as no-profit - but remember that DeskNow Lite is always free! Please contact us for clarifications if unclear.
NB the no-profit discount cannot be granted after the purchase. Please contact us before purchasing.


To comply with European Union laws, we must charge EU VAT for purchases made from an EU country. If you are in an EU country, EU VAT will be added to the final price at the time of order. Businesses registered for VAT can usually claim VAT back, but please check with your taxation office for advice.

Extended support and upgrades

When you purchase a DeskNow SyncML Connector license you are automatically entitled to unlimited free upgrades. The support is provided as part of the DeskNow Professional license.

ASPs, ISPs and Hosting providers

The DeskNow SyncML Connector license does not have an ASP version, but it can work with any DeskNow ASP license. Please contact us for more information.