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Disaster recovery

Disasters can happen - HD crashes, fires, accidental wipeouts, and so on.

It is essential to have a proper backup strategy in place in case something goes wrong.

DeskNow goes a long way in helping to establish a disaster recovery plan, by performing automatic nightly backups of all the important data.

It is however your responsibility to store these backups on a separate media (network drives, backup tapes, and so on), as DeskNow cannot do that for you!

Full details of what DeskNow backs up and how to completely restore it in case of disaster, are provided in the Administration manual, in the section 'Section administration/Backups'.

The Administration Manual is included in every version of DeskNow. In Windows, it is accessible in the Documentation section of the DeskNow program group under the Start menu. In Linux/Unix, the administration manual can be found in /var/desknow/docs



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