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DeskNow and the new default database
This article applies to DeskNow 3.1 and later

Starting with the 3.1 release, DeskNow for Windows uses a new database system as its default database: PostgreSQL .

Compared to the previous default database system used, PostgreSQL offers a much higher performance even with large numbers of users and messages. More information about PostgreSQL can be found at

DeskNow for Linux, when installed for the first time, will require selecting a database to use. Simply access the login page and follow the on-screen instructions.

If you first installed DeskNow with version 3.1 or later

You do not need to worry about the rest of this page.

If you first installed DeskNow before version 3.1, and are using an external database (MySQL, SQL Server, PostgreSQL)

You do not need to do anything. You can keep using your existing database as usual. There are no benefits in changing database.

If you first installed DeskNow before version 3.1, and are using the default McKoi database

You can keep using DeskNow and McKoi as usual. However if you want to benefit from the perfomance improvements of PostgreSQL, you can use automigration.

Other common questions

Why PostgreSQL and not MySQL?

It is not possible to bundle MySQL into other applications for licensing reasons (GPL). Besides this, PostgreSQL performance is comparable to MySQL, and often scales better. Also see for tuning tips

Why a default database is not embedded in DeskNow for Linux/Unix?

Unfortunatley there is no single binary version of PostgreSQL for Linux distributions. However, most distributions (and OSX) include MySQL by default (and PostgreSQL as an easy option).

How can I view the data in PostgreSQL?



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