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Where does DeskNow store my data?

DeskNow data is kept in two distinct places:

  1. the desknowdata directory, which contains:
    1. user files [\desknowdata\userfolders]
    2. user mails [\desknowdata\usermail]
    3. mail queues (messages to be sent, etc) [\desknowdata\mail]
    4. configuration files [\desknowdata\cfg]
    5. license keys [\desknowdata\cfg]
    6. embedded database (if used) [\desknowdata\pgdata]
  2. the database, which contains:
    1. information about user accounts
    2. email headers
    3. calendars, events and tasks
    4. message boards and messages
    5. contacts
    6. preferences
    7. ... and everything else that is not in desknowdata
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