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articleCan I check if there are duplicates in my calendars or contacts?
This is possible. In Outlook,simply select...

  August 3, 2006    Views: 18947   
articleHow do I force a resync of contacts/calendar/tasks in Outlook?
If for any reason you want to make sure that...

  June 16, 2005    Views: 61387   
articleHow do I sync with my Android device?
You can sync your Android device with your...

  October 23, 2011    Views: 18521   
articleHow do I sync with my iPhone?
You can sync your iPhone with your DeskNow...

  August 4, 2008    Views: 23645   
articleHow to sync with BlackBerry Devices
You can sync your BlackBerry device with...

  July 14, 2006    Views: 26297   
articleHow to sync with Palm devices
You can sync your Palm device with DeskNow...

(No rating)  May 17, 2006    Views: 19167   
articleHow to sync with PocketPC devices
You can sync your PocketPC device with DeskNow...

  May 17, 2006    Views: 24889   
articleThe automated sync does not work in Outlook 2007
If you're using the SyncML Outlook connector...

(No rating)  April 29, 2010    Views: 21159   

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