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Internationalization and non-latin characters

articleI can't upload files with east asian characters in the name
DeskNow stores files directly onto the...

  May 18, 2004    Views: 63543   
articleI have problems using webfolders when folders have accented characters
Webfolders (WebDAV) normally works fine even...

(No rating)  November 29, 2005    Views: 34796   
articleI receive emails with incorrect characters in their headers, for East-Asian or other languages
Some mail servers and mail clients (especially...

(No rating)  April 13, 2007    Views: 21369   
articleIs there a translation for my language?
DeskNow supports many (currently nearly 20)...

  May 18, 2004    Views: 57745   
articleThere is an error in the translation for my language. How do I fix it?
All the translations are contained in a text...

  May 18, 2004    Views: 59897   

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