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System access denied. Please contact your system administrator

This error message means that your ASP license is expired. The message is intentionally generic since it is shown to customers, and they should not be aware that your license is expired.

Note that this should never happen. DeskNow sends automatic email reminders 10 and 2 days before expiration, to the address you configure in Administration/License.

Make sure to generate a new ASP report immediately, by logging in as admin and going to Administration/License/Generate ASP report.

If you cannot login as admin, restart the server first.

Once the report is generated, you can send it to, and have DeskNow running in Lite mode by moving the file /desknowdata/cfg/LicenseKey.cfg to a temporary folder, and restarting DeskNow.

Again, please note that this should never happen under normal circumstances, unless you ignore the reminders.

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