7 reasons to choose DeskNow

There are many mail and collaboration servers out there. It's easy to get confused by buzzwords and tech speak. Here are a few things that make DeskNow different, in plain words.

No other product offers you all of these. Compare!

1. Online documents integrated with email

Have you ever had to send the same document as attachment over and over again, to different people? Aren't you tired of uploading attachments?

DeskNow provides a full document management section where you can:

  • upload and store your documents, brochures, manuals.
  • email yor documents easily without uploading
  • publish your documents on the web - for everyone to see, or only some customers, optionally with a password, and just send a link instead

Once you experience the usefulness of email+documents integration, you'll never want to go back to the old ways.

2. Smarter email to suit the way you work

Most of us wear multiple 'hats' in and out of the office. Sales person, employee, parent, customer. You often have multiple email addresses, and use (or need) multiple signatures.

DeskNow offers the most flexible tools to manage this reality:

  • create as many identities as you need, each one with a different 'from' name, address. Each one with a different signature and logo
  • DeskNow can automatically pick the right identity to use depending who you are replying to
  • DeskNow also supports auto-filing of replies: for example you can tell it to store all replies to the 'customer enquiries' folder into the 'replies to customers', just to keep things organized.
  • share mail folders with colleagues, and decide whether users share the 'read' flag or not
  • use advanced mail filters. Automatically store attachments into a given document folder, forward some messages that match a criteria, send a different automatic reply based on the sender (or on the recipient)...
  • turn an email into an event or a task with a single click. Simple, but effective!

All these tools make DeskNow not just a mail server, but a powerful cutomer relationship management tool.

3. The 'now' in instant messaging

DeskNow includes a fully featured, secure, standards compliant Jabber instant messaging server.

Instant messaging is essential for quick office communication, as is faster than emails. It can be used for quick one-on-one chats or group chats.

Use the integrated IM client embedded in the web interface, or any of the hundred Jabber clients available for every device and operating system.

4. Ultimate flexibility in user management

DeskNow offers the most flexible user management options:

  • set up unlimited domains, each with its own administrator to manage users, aliases, logos, branding, etc.
  • setup unlimited communities for each domain (think of them as office branches or departments in an organization, or classes in a school) each with its own manager and disk quota
  • define unlimited user groups (managers, techinicians, secretaries) and assign these groups specific privileges for accessing company documents, calendars, emails.
  • organize user in user classes, limiting the functionalities that they can access (ex. restrict contractors to use only email, but not instant messaging or calendaring, or prevent students from sending emails outside the system)

5. Scalability when you need it

DeskNow is designed to be scalable.

With simple changes you can add a second, third, or tenth server and build a powerful cluster for higher performance (or high availability).

DeskNow also supports partitioning configurations with front-end systems (mail gateways) and backend systems (mail stores).

Maybe you don't need this today, but why limit your options?

6. Connect your mobile world. Just better.

DeskNow was the first email/groupware server to support the SyncML protocol, which lets you sync calendars, tasks and contacts wirelessly with your pda or mobile phone.

Today DeskNow is still at the forefront, supporting custom selection of folders to sync, default folders, and creating a 'virtual' global folder that includes items (events, tasks contacts) from multiple folders.

7. Easy to install uninstall and administer, plays nice with other apps, even on Linux

Even on Linux systems, DeskNow is easy to install and does not take over your entire system. Uninstalling is as easy as stopping it and deleting 2 folders.

Windows users enjoy the easy installer/uninstaller that is now standard in Windows environments.

Where other Linux-based servers require you to learn a lot of command line commands to launch (one for the SMTP server, one for the POP3, one perl script to import mail from another server, edit another text file to add an alias...), DeskNow has one command to start, and one command to stop. That's it.

All operations can be done via the web interface (but there is a scripting API in case you want automation, and this one can be invoked by any programming language and even by a remote server, unlike with other products...).

Interested in what you see? Why not trying a live demo now? No personal details required, no email confirmation. No hassles. Just pick a username and go.