Version comparison

DeskNow Mail and Collaboration server is available in three different versions:

  • DeskNow Lite: free, with limited features, for unlimited time and users. Ideal for home users and zero-budget organizations.
  • DeskNow Professional: commercial, with a complete set of features, ideal for small businesses, private companies, organizations, schools, etc. Does not allow resale of accounts to third parties.
  • DeskNow ASP: for any company that intend to resell accounts to third parties. Includes all the Professional features, plus special features specific to hosting environments.

When you first download and install DeskNow, it enables all the features for a trial period of 30 days. After the trial period has expired, you can keep using DeskNow Lite, or purchase a Professional or ASP license.

The following table offers a detailed feature comparison of the three versions.

  Lite Professional ASP
Web mail


Message boards
Web publishing
Automatic Backups
User classes
Mail filters
Instant messaging
Mail search
Mailing lists
Meeting planning
Free/busy search
Content filtering

External authentication


SSL encryption

Calendar reminders
Multilingual spelling checker
Mail footers
12 months Premium support
12 months free upgrades
Self registration of users, communities and domains
Trial accounts with automatic expiration
Limits on the maximum number of users per domain
Unlimited servers in cluster
Friendly domains

The SyncML connector (enabling synchronization with contacts, calendars and tasks in Outlook, Palm, PocketPC and mobile phones) requires a separate license. The SyncML connector cannot be used with DeskNow Lite.

In DeskNow Lite a line is added at the bottom of sent emails, stating that the message was sent using DeskNow.