Release history - 3.1.x

  • RSS support. Every user can now create, customize and share RSS feeds from mail folders, calendars, task list
  • shared mail folders. It is possible to share any mail folder with other users/groups. Read flags can be common or per-user.
  • audit logging. DeskNow will now create activity logs tracking every change done on the system by users and administrators. This is important for regulatory compliance and accountability
  • mail preview: simply move the mouse over an email line to see a preview of its content, without marking the email as read
  • new default database for Windows: PostgreSQL 8.1.4 - more information
  • new database setup wizard to initialize external databases (when not using the default database included in the Windows version)
  • new menu items to create a new task or a new event from an email
  • search tasks and events. Easier to search for tasks and events from the menu or directly from the task list
  • search message boards. Easier to search for messages
  • new preference (enabled by default) to automatically add to the whitelist every recipient of emails sent by the user
  • new mail migration wizard to import accounts and emails form another mail server via IMAP
  • it is now possible to import/export a calendar from/to an iCalendar file
  • it is possible to set in the Properties page of a mail folder a folder where to save sent emails written in reply to an email in the folder
  • mailing list subscribe/unsubscribe forms. It is now possible to enable self-subscription/unsubscriptiong from mailing lists, with automatic email confirmation messages.
  • email footers are applied also to mail sent by external mail clients. It is also possible to disable footers for emails sent to local addresses
  • improved Windows installer - much easier upgrades (from versions >= 3.1), simply run the installer of the new version and it will pick up all the data and settings of the existing version
  • improved method for changing name of webapplication - more information
  • relaxed decoding of attachments encoded in base64 to overcome rare problems when attachmnents were badly encoded by the sender
  • it is now possible for admin to rename a user's username
  • it is now possible to move user(s) to a different domain. For security reasons, all the shares that the user had set up (not the data, but just the share permissions towards other users) will be removed.
  • it is now easy to navigate in a long listing of items, through new links: First, Last, Jump to
  • added API commands to add contacts and to create contact folders
  • added API command to add user to user group
  • added API command to create a mail alias (local or global)
  • added API commands to set a preference for a user or an entire domain
  • when adding a new contact it is now possible to save it in a selected folder
  • added quick add form to quickly add a task in task list page
  • the login page of PocketPC version can now be branded via normal cfg settings
  • attendees are not published to iCal
  • menu items for importing and exporting contacts moved under the 'Folder' menu
  • message size is now shown in mail listing. It is possible to sort mail listings by message size
  • it is possible to set in the Properties page of a mail folder which fields to display
  • updated left tree menu to the latest release available
  • Java 1.5 is now the default Java version included with DeskNow. DeskNow is still compatible with Java 1.4.1 and later.
  • added options to perform nightly backups of calendars and contact folders, which can be restored individually
  • added option to LDAP and AD authentication to search for users in a sub branch
  • rationalized the Preferences/Mail page, using tabs
  • on startup, DeskNow will now try multiple times to connect to the database (for two minutes, retrying every 10 seconds). This solves possible problems occurring when a server boots up and the DeskNow service is started before the database service.
  • set default number of rows per page to 25
  • added preference to disable processing of incoming ical invitations
  • filter user list. Simplifies finding user accounts in large domains
  • new setting for ASP to set maximum number of syncml users per domain
  • new option to strip IP and hostname of smtp sender when authorized to relay
  • DeskNow will load images in emails and messageboards only optionally - to prevent tracking. This can be disabled in Preferences/Mail, and is disabled for whitelisted addresses.
  • new preference to turn off all spam filtering, per account
  • new cfg option to enable SyncML to My Calendar and Contacts for new accounts.
  • new permission to edit signature that lets you change: signature, full name, replyto (bot not the mail from, nor create other identities)

Change log


  • fixed inconsistency for parameter 'username' in command to add contact in Admin API
  • fixed rare caching problem generating an error after deleting all mail identities of an account
  • fixed problem that caused the shift of reminders for reoccurring events after the event already reoccurred. Please note that the existing event needs to be saved once for the future reminders to be correct.
  • task completion notification is now sent when marking the task as done from the home page or the task list
  • fixed problem preventing the use of the freejtds database driver for SQL Server
  • fixed problem causing possible loss of access to email attachments in shared mail folder if the folder was a system folder, shared in a non-english language, and manually linked by an user
  • various minor fixes


  • forced valid date pattern for contacts backup when the admin setting was yyyy-MM-dd
  • removed duplicated emails if an email was sent to multiple mailing lists and an address was member of more than one list
  • improved wording of subject for task completed notification when the task was in a shared task folder
  • refined default command line parameters for McAfee antivirus
  • fixed problem with IMAP search on some message fields from Thunderbird
  • fixed problem occurring when saving a draft with attachments, moving the draft to a folder shared by another user, and trying to access the attachments
  • fixed problem hiding menu tree in IE after saving a mail draft in some cases


  • fixed problem in opening attachments of emails after moving them from a linked folder to a personal folder
  • installer automatically disables password expiration of desknowpostgres account on Windows server
  • mailto: links that contain a subject= parameter are now handled correctly
  • fixed problem in the confirmation page of mailing list self subscriptions where the form was placed in an external web site (the subscription process proceeded correctly nonetheless).
  • fixed problem in keeping correct attachments after composing email with wrong addresses and re-editing it
  • after creating a new folder, some links in the folder menu were not immediately available until a reload or login. this is now corrected.
  • mailing list permissions based on memership is now case insensitive
  • fixed sync of birthdays with some mobile clients


  • fixed incompatibility problem in sync of phone numbers with the new Synthesis client software
  • a protocol error in the closing of IMAP connections with some mail servers does not prevent the import to complete successfully
  • fixed problem with some PocketPC clients marking all messages all read in IMAP connections
  • reduced number of db connections started by default (new installations only).
  • improved syncml duplicate detection
  • added maxhops setting in mail configuration
  • fixed problem in adding footer to messages with multipart-related mime type
  • added display of task priority icon in homepage


  • added cfg option (disabled by default) to avoid using AUTHENTICATE PLAIN mechanism when importing mail from external IMAP servers, even if they claim to support it. This was causing issues with IMail.
  • fixed problem that could cause the buttons in the mail compose window to disappear when replying to an email after a certain sequence of navigation events.
  • fixed javascript problem preventing community managers to change account details of existing users
  • fixed problem in admin API for creating domain if maxsyncmlusers parameter was not specified
  • the default first name for contacts imported via SyncML is no longer set to 'unknown' if the name was missing in the original contact


  • production release
  • fixed translation problem of mail folder names for non-english languages
  • fixed problem preventing saving events when using a mail identity which included a "pipe" character
  • fixed error in deleting/moving emails from a search folder
  • added preference to use zulu (gmt) time format when syncing with PDAs and mobile phones


  • added option to limit max number of recipients in webmail
  • added option to limit max number of recipients in SMTP
  • fixed locale problem in default PostgreSL for Windows that caused incorrect sorting of text fields where a mix of uppercase and lowercase was involved
  • fixed problem in sending to mailing lists where no footer was specified for the mailing list
  • added preference to enable/disable specification of timezone when syncing with PDAs and mobile phone. This can solve problems with some phones that do not interpret timezones correctly. The default value for this preference can also be set in SyncML.cfg (property AddTimeZoneInfoForPDAs)
  • added X-DN-SystemMessage: TRUE header to all system messages generated by DeskNow. This allows disabling autoresponders for these message, and to create custom filters for them
  • imap import via admin api is now a scheduled job rather than executed at the time of invocation. solves timeout problems with large accounts
  • added options to autoimport mail when using external authentication, and to import mail aliases from Microsoft Exchange


  • fixed problem not deleting a file from a temporary mail delivery queue in some circumstances


  • fixed problem when defining a wildcard mail alias, while using external authentication, and * was a valid username
  • embdedded DeskNowDB service does not start automatically unless used by DeskNow
  • reduced frequency of autovacuum of embedded db - less events logged in event viewer
  • removed logo image from startup tips. Very large custom logos could affect the visibility of the close button.
  • fixed pop3/authentication problem when using default domain
  • fixed potential loop problem occurring in imap autoimport from other servers
  • fixed problem with IM logging.
  • setting 'Do not send if my address is not in the To or Cc field' for autoresponder now checks all the mail identities of the user


  • fixed problem in setting properties for system mail folders when using non-english language
  • fixed problem in searching across shared folders when navigating beyond the first results page
  • fixed problem in installation on Windows 2000
  • fixed problem in deleting a group of tasks
  • fixed issues in the Configuration Wizard
  • fixed problem with autoexpiring email accounts for spam control
  • fixed installation problem on servers with strong password policy enabled


  • added address anti-spoofing option to antispam measures. DeskNow can now reject messages with MAIL FROM declared from a local address, when the sender is not authorized to relay
  • fixed problem with direct login with single URL from WAP devices
  • fixed javascript problem in Administration/Mail page preventing editing of relay authorization exclusion list (the list could only be edited directly via cfg files)
  • fixed problem with SMTP/POP3 authentication for users of virtual domains
  • fixed problem occurring with mail forwarding filters in some cases


  • fixed sorting problem in tasks page, when sorting by due date
  • fixed caching problem showing emails as unread after a 'mark all as read' command
  • fixed problem preventing access to subfolders of shared mail folders
  • fixed problem trying to delete an user group from a mailing list if the group name contained accented characters
  • fixed problem setting the 'completed' task of a group of tasks
  • added mail configuration option to enable remote delivery of emails addressed to an account in a local domain when the account does not exist on the server
  • improved performance of webmail sending via direct injection into mail server queues. webmail delivery to external servers is now unified with SMTP forwarding
  • improved cleaning of HTML tags when replying in plain text (set as default) to HTML emails
  • fixed problem in syncing the 'Categories' field of events or tasks
  • added commands to print a contact and a contact folder (all or single page)


  • initial beta release of the series