Release history - 3.0.x

New features overview

  • added IMAP support (IMAP v4r1 with NAMESPACE, IDLE, CRAM-MD5 extensions)
  • changed mail storage mode to single file with maildir folder format
  • renamed main mail folders (Inbox, Trash, etc)
  • added support for iCal publishing
  • added support for freebusy publishing
  • DeskNow will now send alerts when the license or the upgrade period is about to expire. It is possible to configure the email address which these alerts will be sent to.
  • added administration function to import or restore selected emails/folders into an account (ex from a backup, or from another account, or another server)
  • added new antispam technology: greylisting
  • added %FULLNAME% to variables that can be used in the welcome email

Change log


  • fixed problem in accessing directfiles links for users in virtual domains where a public permission was granted
  • reduced memory usage during large sync operations
  • fixed problem when saving messageboard attachments to DeskNow folders
  • fixed problem affecting IMAP access via Outlook if some emails in the folder had an incorrect subject encoding (using invalid characters)
  • added workaround to prevent IE to display a security popup after a Microsoft Security Patch was installed on the client PC
  • improved notification of task progress from assignee to organizer
  • fixed problem decoding some vcard objects containing image attachments
  • fixed problem syncing some recurring events with no month rule and fixed end date
  • fixed problem that caused resetting of the default output charset used in webmail after a restart


  • fixed error message displayed after sharing a resource calendar to other users
  • fixed problem interrupting a sync session with pdas if the pda attempted an invalid operation like updating an event in a readonly calendar. the problem is logged, but the sync no longer stops
  • changed convention for folder names used when saving attachments to a file folder via a mail filter
  • improved SyncML performance/support of particular devices with large number of items to sync
  • it is possible to mark a message as not spam even if Bayesan antispam filtering is disabled
  • fixed imap problem occurring when mail client subscribed to folder names with \ as the last character
  • fixed problem losing part of event title when re-editing and the title contained a double quote character
  • fixed formatting problem when replying using plaintext to emails sent in html from some webmail services
  • improved logging and error reporting for IMAP service
  • added milliseconds in log output
  • private events in a shared calendar accessed by iCal are not listed
  • fixed display problems in Share permissions page when the permission is granted to a user group that contains non-ASCII characters
  • fixed problem in updating events from invitations after the original event was moved to a different calendar


  • fixed problem in mckoirepair maintenance script in Windows
  • (regression) fixed problem in syncing some telephone numbers with SyncML (due to new BlackBerry support).


  • fixed problem with Outlook not registering the booking confirmation of all resources when multiple resources were booked for the same event
  • it is now possible to lookup resources availability via freebusy from external clients like Outlook
  • speedup in upgrade from pre 3.0 releases


  • it is now possible to sync Outlook folders that are outside the normal Contacts-Calendars-Tasks folders. It is however recommended to keep them under the standard branches.
  • fixed SQL syntax problem in mail search on subjects where the search pattern contains a single quote
  • bounce messages are sent using <> in the 'MAIL FROM' SMTP field, more in line with the general practice. This is at protocol level only. The 'From' header in the message is still
  • it is no longer possible to have folders with the same name but letters in different case. This to avoid problems in Windows file systems where such folders cannot be separated on disk (to mantain the same behavior, this is enforced also on Linux systems anyway).
  • changed labeling of begin/end date for autoresponders for better consistency in translations
  • it is possible to access your own calendar via ical even if unshared, using your desknow login credentials
  • improved memory efficiency when importing large mail boxes from disk or external IMAP server
  • adjusted tabbing order in mail,event,task,contact and message compose to follow natural order when using the keyboard
  • minor adjustments in various translations
  • added preset configuration for Grisoft AVG Antivirus Free for Linux
  • changed default sorting direction from descending to ascending in task lists
  • fixed problem related to end of line encoding causing incompatibility between Apple iCal and DeskNow if running on Linux/Unix servers.
  • iCal URL is now displayed for Calendars and shares associated to Calendars.
  • fixed rare problem occurring in IE when swapping signature while editing email (overwriting typed text)
  • multiple recipients are now added in a single mime header line in emails sent via webmail
  • added support for new MIME header encoding used by Thunderbird 1.5 when sending attachments with very long names (>128 chars)
  • the default first name for contacts imported via SyncML is no longer set to 'unknown' if the name was missing in the original contact


  • added optional publishing of free/busy information to allow users outside DeskNow to view user's availability using Outlook or other calendaring applications. See user help for more details.
  • fixed UTF-8 encoding for calendar day view in PocketPC interface
  • added the option to use 'header' as parameter to the API method to add a mail filter match
  • added API method to validate email addresses
  • added API method to delete a mail filter
  • added antispam option to mark as spam every incoming email containing a fixed header. This is useful when an external antispam SMTP gateway is used with DeskNow.
  • minor fixes for translations
  • fixed problem on PocketPC setting a task as 'done'
  • fixed problem occurring when reopening an event with recurrency rule like 'last monday of may' and saving it again (shift in rule)


  • fixed problem in wap/pocket interface in the event and task compose pages (when a due date is set)
  • email addresses and Web url are now clickable links in contact details page
  • vcal and vcard files/messages are now accepted even if the lines are terminated using LF instead of the CRLF required by the standard
  • fixed problem in moving/deleting mail folders when the folder stored on the local filesystem may have been locked/existing, and the mail preferences were set to move to the trash folder.
  • fixed lock problem in HTML editor on FireFox browsers occurring sometimes with particular sequences of keys
  • fixed problem showing popup message in IE when changing email priority
  • it is now possible to lookup freebusy status of an attendee by email alias
  • fixed problem not detecting daylight saving settings in iCal invitations where the origin is in the southern hemisphere. This resulted in events possibly being shifted by one hour when daylight saving is in effect in these locations.
  • branding: the configured application name is now used for the WebDAV authentication dialog
  • added SSL certificate used by GMail POP3 server to the list of trusted SSL certificates (Windows)
  • included birthday and anniversary fields when importing/exporting contacts to/from csv file
  • ical service now accepts also URLs ending with .ics (it is ignored, but may be required by some clients).
  • fixed problem not marking full day events as truly full day when syncing with the latest SyncJe plugin (
  • it is now possible to create mail folders that contain characters that are invalid folder names in Windows or Linux (like ?, :, etc).


  • autoreplies and autresponses are sent using the appropriate mail identity based on the original recipient address
  • fixed problem occurring when importing accounts in the virtual domain when logged in as admin of the main domain
  • added support for ical publishing of calendars. It is now possible to access a calendar (or a share) at . You can then publish your calendar to friends, colleagues that use Apple Ical or Mozilla Sunbird. See knowledge base for details.
  • removed surrounding quotes in the Content-Type/name parameter of mail attachments
  • changed syntax for LDAP and AD authentication configuration settings. The old syntax is still valid, but the new one should be used in new installations.
  • it is now possible to empty a search results folder
  • fixed possible column size problem in mail ingestion occurring with MySQL 5.0
  • fixed file corruption problem when using a filter with action 'move attachments to file folder'
  • fixed problem when searching a subfolder of a contact folder linked to another shared folder using the quick search box
  • added configuration information for use with SQL Server 2005
  • added cross-domain sharing for files


  • read receipts are now sent using the appropriate mail identity based on the original recipient address
  • fixed problem displaying IMAP emails received with pre-3.0 releases when DeskNow was not used as mail server and now it is switched on as mail server
  • fixed display problem occurring in FireFox 1.5 in the contact pick page (button too small)
  • email reminders for calendar events are now sent to users that have a link to the calendar only if the option 'Notify all users that have a link to this calendar' is checked. Previously this option only affected notification of create/update/delete operations
  • fixed rare problem (browser dependent) showing 'yes' as remembered username in the login page, instead of the last username used
  • added workaround for mysql bug occurring when searching contacts using a ' character in the search parameter
  • fixed problem occurring on some long HTML emails where the truncation attachment was not being shown


  • added option to select mail identity when sending event invitations or task assignments
  • added configuration setting to enable/disable presence alerts for the instant messenger as default setting for all users
  • fixed problem with POP3 not deleting messages on client request
  • fixed problem not updating display of expunged emails in IMAP clients
  • fixed problem in IMAP date of imported emails
  • added 'Print' button for message boards
  • added feature to automatically recreate rfc822 source files during IMAP sessions if they were missing
  • every subfolder of Sent and Drafts will now display the same columns of the Sent folder (in particular, the To column instead of the From column)
  • fixed problem in deleting user accounts


  • added confirmation prompt when the user closes an email compose window
  • added option to skip greylisting if sending server passes SPF test
  • added option to include all addresses in a class C subnet in the greylist (useful for multihomed SMTP servers)
  • added contact export functionality
  • contact import can now import from utf-8 encoded files
  • added support for static SMTP routing. It is now possible to configure the server to send mail for particular domains through a specific SMTP server.


  • initial beta release of the serie