Release history - 2.0 to 2.3.x

Version 2.3.13

  • Fixed problem when downloading emails from Merak POP3 server (problem related to particular limits on TCP packet boundaries)
  • Fixed problem that could cause false alarms when scanning multiple attachments that have the same name and were received at the same time, and the system clock has a low precision

Version 2.3.12

This version is a maintenance release fixing some minor problems.

  • Fixed German translation
  • Implemented workaround to prevent memory leaks in SQL Server that were occurring when using MS JDBC driver.

Version 2.3.11

This version is a maintenance release fixing some minor problems.

  • Fixed problem that prevented disabling the sending of a bounce message to the sender if a virus was found in the message
  • Fixed problem when picking recipients of an email from the contact list and trying to change the list size, or using the 'Next' button
  • Added Slovak translation
  • Fixed problem when forwarding HTML messages sent by some newsletters, where the message was not encoded as MIME attachment
  • Fixed problem occurring when pressing OK after viewing a contact that was found through the search box in the Contacts page (not the advanced search).

Version 2.3.10

This version is a maintenance release fixing some minor problems.

  • Fixed import of emails in mbox format from Unix/Linux
  • Fixed problem opening files with international characters in the new UI
  • Checking of duplicate Message-IDs is no longer enabled by default
  • Fixed problem in copying contacts to another folder
  • Added 'Download' link to download files instead of opening them. Previously it was necessary to access the file's Properties and click Download.
  • It is now possible to use the Configuration Wizard to make DeskNow listen for HTTP and HTTPS connections on a specific network interface (previously this was possible only by manually editing the configuration files).

Version 2.3.9

This version is a maintenance release fixing some minor problems.

  • Fixed minor issue with unnecessary logging in log.InternalError
  • Fixed loggin issue in MailIngestionDebug (all filters were logged as matching)
  • Skipping DNSBL lookup for IANA private IP addresses
  • Added anti-duplication logic to prevent multiple copies of the same message to be delivered when mail for all the accounts is retrieved from a single POP3 inbox and a message was sent to multiple recipients in that inbox
  • System alerts are no longer sent to accounts that are not enabled to use mail
  • Fixed problem when searching for contacts containing an apostrophe
  • Fixed error occurring when marking a message as spam, and the mail preferences were set to delete emails immediately
  • Fixed problem that could occur in MySQL and SQL Server with duplicate entries in the whitelist and calendar reminders
  • Fixed display error in monthly calendar view, if the default view is set to month.

Version 2.3.8

This version is a maintenance release fixing some minor problems.

  • Fixed problem that prevented deleting a block of messages from a message board
  • Fixed problem in changing a recurrent event into a non-recurring one
  • Fixed problem that caused the user's disk usage to not be updated correctly when using the embedded McKoi database

Version 2.3.7

This version is a maintenance release for 2.3.3, fixing some minor problems.

  • Fixed problem in SMTP service when only one network interface was used and SMTP forwarding was set to another server on the other interface
  • Fixed problem in Mail preferences page that could occur when upgrading from previous installations
  • Fixed problem affecting login of users from older installations when the user's userclass had mail filter editing disabled
  • Fixed problem affecting the ForceSMTPSend configuration setting not being picked up correctly after a server restart
  • Fixed unlikely but possible loop condition involving a combination of bounce messages and broken forward actions in mail filters
  • The EmbeddedServer.Server property (optional) is now also used in outgoing SMTP connections to declare the name of the server, regardless of local name settings
  • Fixed problem with SMTP authentication with some mail clients

Version 2.3.3

  • Added Bayes antispam filter. This filter analyzes incoming messages and assign them a spam probability factor. Messages with high probability of being spam are automatically stored in a 'spam' folder. Old messages are periodically removed from the spam folder. Users can train the filter to better distinguish between spam and non-spam
  • Added support for spam detection using configurable DNSBL services
  • Added IP blacklist for SMTP server, to reject connections from offending IPs
  • Added user-based whitelists, to allow messages coming from known senders to never be classified as spam
  • Added 'Deleted items' folder. When a user deletes a message, the message is not deleted immediately but moved to a deleted items folder, which is cleaned of old messages periodically. This can be disabled, to have immediate delete as in previous versions
  • It is now possible to import mail messages from the most popular mail clients (Outlook, Eudora, Mozilla, etc.)
  • Added support for recurrent events
  • Added support for event reminders via email
  • Added support for SSL encryption of the SMTP and POP3 services
  • It is now possible to set the SMTP and POP3 services to bind only to a specific network interface (useful on server that have multiple network cards)
  • added user class permission to send emails outside the system (only webmail - for SMTP, usual relay settings apply)
  • it is now possible to specify group addresses in the forward action of mail filters
  • many more fields available for contacts
  • more search options for contacts
  • fixed problem with the display of HTML messages when encoded with some east-asian charactersets and containing META-TAG encoding information
  • it is now possible to define DeskNow as default mail client, so that clicking on every mailto link automatically opens a DeskNow email compose window (see documentation on how to configure this in Windows systems)
  • it is now possible to enable/disable logging of specific classes of events from the Administration control panel, without having to restart DeskNow
  • added font-family to Preferences/General
  • when the administrator sends a broadcast message, the message is now sent as system message, and the messenger applet does no longer allow typing a reply to it
  • when user acccounts are created by importing data from CSV, the default email address is set in the user directory
  • it is now possible to configure most of the mail server options from the Administration panel
  • it is now possible to change default interval, start and stop times for the day calendar view
  • fixed SQL problem with updating share settings when using MySQL as database
  • several UI changes
  • added command to delete a domain to the Administration API
  • changed auto-refresh behaviour when viewing a mail folder: if one ore more message checkboxes are selected, the folder will not be automatically refreshed (prevents losing the current selection)
  • added Russian translation
  • added Chinese translation
  • the mail encoding ISO-8859-8-i (Hebrew, non-standard) is now treated as ISO-8859-8
  • added option to login using a new window, without browser address bar, buttons, etc. to increase space available to DeskNow.
  • fixed problem that caused logo to overlap with text fields in login screen in some circumstances. The logo must now be a gif or jpg image.
  • new events and tasks are now edited in a new window. This can be disabled from the Preferences
  • fixed bug that caused incorrect highliting of text in mail messages after a mailto: link
  • fixed bug that affected searches using the in-line search box when searching in a folder owned by another user.
  • added configuration option to specify default time format
  • changed default time format for new users to American style 5:30 PM
  • added configuration option to specify the default character set to use to decode emails that do not specify an encoding in their headers - this to manage emails that do not conform to the SMTP standards
  • changed autologin for DeskNow Messenger. No more prompt to confirm password after a disconnection
  • added EmbeddedServer.ServerName configuration parameter to set the name used by the mail server to greet clients
  • it is now possible to define mail footers/disclaimers for emails sent via webmail. Every domain can have a different mail footer
  • the messenger applet now displays (and opens) correctly on Mac OS X
  • JDBC drivers can now be stored in \desknowdata\lib . This to avoid reinstalling them when DeskNow is upgraded to a new version
  • added calendar preference to set the default calendar to use for new events and tasks
  • added configuration parameters to enable/disable the spam report, and to set at what time it should be sent
  • fixed problem that prevented disabling the startup tips for users that did not have 'Edit preferences' permission

Version 2.2.7

  • Fixed (hopefully - needs more device testing) problem with WAP login page on some devices
  • Fixed problem Automation API for creation of mail folder
  • Fixed problem that caused the browser to display a JavaScript error message in some circumstances


  • Fixed incorrect paging of contact folders in WAP interface
  • Fixed problem with antivirus scanning for external accounts when the message was also copied in DeskNow's POP3 inbox


  • Fixed bug that prevented disabling Messenger from the user Preferences
  • Fixed bug that caused 'No session' error during self-registration in some circumstances
  • when sending an email to a folder of contacts, now the full name of every contact is included
  • added support for Icelandic language
  • Upgraded version of NSIS installer software for Windows to fix installation problems on dual CPU and Hyperthreading processors
  • the Google toolbar is now detected in the login page, and a message is displayed recommending to disable popup-blocking for the web site
  • improved caching of user directory (noticeable when there are thousands of users in a domain)
  • added delay parameter to antivirus invocation, and instructions to configure Norton Antivirus Corporate Edition with DeskNow
  • quarantined files are now excluded from backups, to prevent conflict with antivirus software
  • fixed problem with international characters in mail signature
  • fixed problem with international characters in uploaded files
  • fixed problem with mail composition in new window when the mail was saved in the drafts


  • performance improvement in tree refresh (static images are not reloaded)
  • auto reply action for filter: it is now possible to send auto reply messages corresponding on different criteria on incoming mails
  • by default, a new window is opened to compose an email
  • option to enable/disable saving copy of sent messages to sent folder
  • improved handling of messenger buddylist when special characters are encountered in user's names
  • fixed bug (from 2.2.1) that caused forwarded messages to lose the original attachments


  • improved user interface with new menu tree
  • it is now possible to define mail subfolders, with unlimited depth
  • manual and scheduled online backup of files and database (embedded)
  • it is now possible to pick users that are authorized to a share
  • it is now possible to share an object with a folder (group) of contacts/users. Groups are integrated with the Contacts, and can be shared
  • it is now possible to share objects with users of another domain
  • it is now possible to view all the headers of received emails (headers of emails received with older versions of DeskNow are not available)
  • it is now possible to enable/disable the display of the full email addresses in mail headers
  • every user can now choose the preferred encoding to use when sending emails
  • added branding options. It is now possible to change window title and logo via the administration web interface
  • removed from SMTP headers for mails sent via webmail
  • added configuration setting EmbeddedServer.SMTPMaxMessageSize to Mail.cfg , to limit the size of messages accepted by the SMTP server
  • fixed bug that displayed wrong hyperlinks in email body if the link contained a % character
  • links in emails can now be opened in a new window (see Preferences/Mail)
  • fixed problem with content type of downloaded files and attachments
  • emails deleted by a filter are now removed from the POP3 inbox as well (if EmbeddedServer.SynchronizeWebmailWithPOP3Delete is set to TRUE)
  • added virus scanning for mail received from external POP3 accounts
  • separated 'Home' and 'Homepage' in the translation file
  • when editing a calendar event, the hour listbox now displays the hour using the time format set in the user's preferences
  • fixed bug that caused messenger to not display non-latin characters in exchanged messages correctly
  • new languages supported: Czech, German, Danish, Hungarian, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, French, Swedish. (some of them may miss the translation of the latest features). Thanks to all the users that contributed the translations!
  • prevented directory listing to appear when using http://localhost/desknow
  • added option (EmbeddedServer.EnableReverseDNS) to enable/disable reverse DNS lookup for the SMTP server. Currently switched off by default (It was on, but it could cause delays if your network was not configured properly).
  • added option (EmbeddedServer.EnableBounceMessages) to enable/disable sending a bounce message ("Message Delivery Error") to the sender if an email could not be delivered. The default is TRUE (send bounce message)
  • added command to delete an user account to the Administration API
  • fixed bug that affected mail filters when saving attachments to a file if the first line of the message was a space
  • fixed bug that affected mail filters to miss a match on the Cc field of incoming messages
  • fixed a bug that caused an error message when unlocking a file shared by another user
  • fixed a bug occurring when linking to 'My Calendar' when it was shared in a non-english language
  • Re: is not appended to the subject in mail replies, if the subject already started with Re:
  • DeskNow now can store messages in users' inboxes even if POP3 is disabled. Useful to disable POP3 only temporarily and still be able to retrieve all the messages later


  • support for MySQL 4.0+ as external database
  • support for user classes: the administrator of each domain can now define user classes specifying which features are enabled for each class. This replaces the obsolote user types
  • improvements to the support for internationalization (missing translations for some messages)
  • expanded backoffice automation API. It is now possible to post events to a calendar via a script, create communities and domains in addition to user accounts, and more
  • new sccript tool that can be executed from command line to perform all the backoffice tasks
  • added logging of source IP address for failed login attempts
    added preference to choose which default view to use for the calendar
  • added option to set preferred position of the divider in the split pane (mail preview, etc)
  • fixed bug that caused messenger to not display correctly names that contained non-english characters
  • added xx-smal font size in the general preferences. x-small font size has now improved readability

Version 2.1

  • internationalization. DeskNow now supports the following languages: English, Italian, Spanish, Norwegian, Dutch. The following languages, in test, are available on request: German, Danish, Swedish, Czech. Thanks to our translators!
  • UTF support. The web interface of DeskNow is now entirely encoded using UTF, to support virtually any known character
  • configurable mail encoding. It is now possible to select which content encoding DeskNow will use for text, when sending emails
  • antivirus integration. DeskNow can now scan incoming emails and uploaded files for viruses using one of the major antivirus software, and block infected mails and files
  • shared mailing lists. It is now possible to pick (or just enter the name) of a contact folder to send an email to all the contacts in the folder

Version 2.0

  • added support for Instant Messaging (chat), using the Jabber/XMPP protocol - compatible with any Jabber client
  • when a new email is received, a popup window is displayed with sender and subject. The mail folder is immediately refreshed
  • it is now possible to mark multiple emails as spam in a single operation, even without opening them
  • the mail server now prevents SMTP misconfiguration errors that could cause loops
  • the mail server now autodetects all the local addresses/interfaces, and delivers emails for them to the default domain (unless a proper virtual domain is setup)
  • it is now possible to define a catch-all alias that receives all incoming emails when the intended recipient is not an existing user
  • fixed bug with Mozilla/Netscape that caused the highlighted row to not change when the user was browsing through emails with Prev/Next
  • it is now possible to define a specific default timezone for the DeskNow server. Useful when the DeskNow server is hosted for a company that is located in a different timezone than the one where the machine is located.
  • an user can now be manager of a community he/she does not belong to
  • new anti-spam Time Limited email addresses: now users can leave on messqage boards an email address like and the email address will be valid only until 18th June, 2003
  • new "forward" mail filter action: it is now possible to forward incoming emails to one ore more addresses (internal or external), based on the email fields
  • imroved performance by reduction of SQL activity during SMTP and POP3 connections
  • fixed bug that occurred when editing External POP3 account details
  • new announcements space in home page. Announcements can be created by the admin user or by other users given permission
  • now DeskNow accepts SMTPForward to the same host, if SMTP ports are different
  • POP3 synchronization now works symmetrically: if a message is deleted from the webmail, it is deleted from the POP3 inbox
  • added new Preferences to change menu width
  • improved management of multiple communitites for a community manager
  • improved security by encrypting login password even when not using SSL
  • added option to force all emails to be delivered via SMTP - even internal ones