Release history - 2.7.x

New features overview

  • meeting planning. It is now possible to invite other participants to meetings (as required or optional attendees), and assign tasks to other users. This is compatible with the iCalendar/ITip support, so it integrates with Other clients like Outlook and Notes.
  • freebusy publish and search. DeskNow now can publish freebusy information, and also query freebusy information from other people (internal or external) for meeting planning.
  • other calendaring improvements. More fields/options for events and tasks (percentage completed for a task, private field for events, priority and so on.
  • bookable resources. It is now possible to define, for every domain, company resources (meeting rooms, tools) that can be booked for scheduled events.
  • new email address autocomplete. now DeskNow will suggest autocompletion of email addresses from your Contacts as you type
  • it is now possible to mark an event or task as private in a calendar that a user owns. When the calendar is shared, other users will not see the event details.
  • replied and forwarded icons. DeskNow changes the email icon to display if a message has been replied to or forwarded. Note that this is available only for emails replied to or forwarded since this new release.
  • mail threading. It is now possible to view all related mails in a single thread. Note that this is available only for emails received or sent since this new release.
  • download of message source. It is now possible to download the message in its raw format (rfc821) if available.
  • new autoresponder feature for out-of-office autoreplies. More flexible and easier to use than existing filters.
  • DeskNow now requires an application server supporting the Servlet API 2.3 or newer. This includes Tomcat 4.1 or newer.
  • disabled new mail alerts when importing mails
  • disabled spam checks when importing mails
  • added preference to perform spell checking before sending an email
  • added command to import mail message to HTTP administration API
  • when syncing with PDAs and phones, single folders are no longer sent to the client. This solves problems with some devices with limited memory (ex. SonyEricsson P900).
  • it is now possible to specify in user preferences what folders should be synchronized with PDAs and phones, and what folder to use as default for new contacts/tasks/events
  • the store names for SyncML for PDAs and phones are now by default 'events', 'tasks', 'contacts' instead of the old 'allevents', 'alltasks', 'allcontacts' for simplicity in setting up new clients. It is possible to restore the old settings by editing the SyncML.cfg file.
  • added Croatian translation
  • fixed problem causing the default language to be used over the user preference after a failed login attempt
  • fullday events are now always displayed as happening on the same date, regardless of timezone difference between users
  • new menu button to go to another date in every calendar view
  • attachment filtering by name is now case-insensitive
  • attachment filtering is now performed before virus scanning. This increases the server performance in rejecting known virus types.
  • it is now possible to bypass network interface autodetect, and specify the host IPs manually. This allows running DeskNow on some rare systems where Java had problems with network autodetect (Linux virtual servers)
  • new size limit for quarantine store. If the quarantine reaches the given size (default limit is 50Mb), the oldest mails will be deleted to make space for the new ones. This is in addition to the usual periodic quarantine cleanup.
  • http ssl certificate (keystore) is from now now kept in \desknowdata\ssl .
  • the super administrator can now force shares onto other domains. This must be explicitly enabled in Administration/Security
  • changed LogListener plugin API
  • it is now possible to specify a replyto address for mailing lists
  • new mail preference to always ask for read receipts
  • it is possible to configure DeskNow to send automatic email warnings to users when their disk usage exceeds a certain percentage of their quota.
  • serial invocation of antivirus - all files are scanned sequentially
  • it is now possible to define mailing lists (with associated permissions) to send emails to all users in all domains, users in specific domains, communities, groups
  • added Romanian translation
  • added default antivirus commands for Sophos Antivirus (Windows and Unix/Linux)
  • added trial expiration for accounts, domains and communities created via self registration or otherwise. This feature requires ASP license.
  • mail aliases are now displayed sorted alphabetically

Change log


  • fixed problem with ldap authentication in case custom domain queries were used and the search parameters did not use DC attributes
  • improved detection of attachment name extension where it is not provided in the received email, based on mime content type
  • fixed display problem occurring in FireFox 1.5 in the contact pick page (button too small)
  • fixed 'object not found' problem when clicking on the 'view' link of an email reminder to open the event
  • corrected encoding of multiline vCal and vCard properties, this helps syncing with some devices
  • fixed problem syncing birthday field of a contact with some devices
  • fixed syncml problem occurring when syncing with PDA, deleting a synchronized calendar, then syncing again
  • implemented workaround occurring with Outlook not recognizing alarms in iCal invitation when using fixed time format. Such invitations were not properly decoded by Outlook. DeskNow now uses relative time by default.
  • fixed problem receiving iCal invitation if the event organizer was not specified in the request


  • fixed problem occurring when navigating through mulitple pages of users and using Microstoft's JDBC database drivers
  • fixed problem with numbering of unread messages in message boards when pressing reload. NB this may cause the numbering to change after the upgrade, as the read information may have been incorrect in previous releases.
  • fixed javascript warning appearing on Administration/Message broadcast page
  • if set so in Preferences/Mail, draft emails are opened in a new window when editing
  • fixed problem in tar format occurring when backing up files with multibyte (not just accented) characters in their name, and the file was nested in a deep folder (path > 255 characters)
  • fixed problem in renaming the shared contact folder instead of the linked folder for contact shares
  • fixed problem occurring when upgrading directly from very old releases (<2.4) and a particular type of share was present in the database
  • fixed problem not showing some recurring events with no end recurrency
  • added command 'Mark all as read' for message boards


  • fixed missing toolbar buttons when using DeskNow as default mail client after clicking on mailto links, and the preferences were set to allow pick of mail encoding in the compose window
  • fixed rare problem with backups being interrupted if files were being modified while being backed up
  • fixed security warning message when inputing new ASP keys for ASP licenses


  • added support of GNU tar to backup filenames longer than 100 characters
  • extended debug logging for outgoing smtp traffic
  • improved display of some html emails that had body backgroung images using specific html styles
  • fixed problem with signature swap overriding first line of text in some circumstances


  • changed format of backup files to .tar.gz instead of zip, due to 4Gb limit of the zip format
  • added processing of the 'body' parameter in mailto: commands embedded in received emails
  • cahnged display of multiday events in home page to display the starting date if it is not the current day
  • fixed problem with display of recurring fullday events in certain timezones


  • fixed problem in generating ASP report for ASP licenses
  • the contact mail pick window now displays contacts without an email address, to avoid confusion
  • fixed problem when updating from earlier releases not showing old not completed tasks in the home page (nb users who did already upgrade to 2.7 will have to manually set these tasks as not completed)
  • fixed problem when sending an email to multiple contact folder lists
  • fixed error popup when autocomplete search running on group addresses on mckoi database
  • when opening pdf and txt attachments the user is given the option to open inline or download
  • it is possible to specify -1 as 'unlimited' for the maximum size of file uploads. The normal user/community/domain disk quotas still apply.
  • updated finnish translation
  • updated croatian translation


  • fixed problem occurring when using smart signature swap and the default identity had an empty signature
  • fixed problem when trying to start a manual backup without specifying a temporary folder. Added check to prevent users from specifying a temporary backup folder that is the same as the destination folder.
  • when upgrading to a new release and the license was expired, the server will show the appropriate message instead of staying on the 'Initializing' page
  • improved documentation on SSL configuration for users upgrading from previous releases


  • first production release of the series