Release history - 2.6.x

2.6 series

New features overview

  • new web interface and templating engine
  • added command to Admin HTTP api and button to recalculate the disk usage of an account
  • added option to check external email accounts at user login
  • added SURBL antispam technology to check URLs in the email against database of domains advertised by spammers
  • when spellchecking using French or Italian dictionaries, words with an apostrophe are now checked correctly
  • added global aliases, more flexible than domain aliases. It is now possible to set aliases like ->
  • it is possible to use SSL for external POP3 accounts
  • the "Subject" parameter in mailto: links in incoming emails is now correctly used to compose a new mail
  • fixed problem changing order of mail filter actions after editing an action in some cases
  • added more security options to enforce strong passwords, enforce password expiration
  • added options to temporarily block user accounts/communities/domains from logging in
  • added Java API to handle log messages with external plugins
  • fixed problem causing DeskNow to reset the manager of the default community to 'admin' upon restart
  • added menu item to mark all messages in a mail folder as read
  • upgraded Tomcat to version 5.5.7
  • filter can now match on either To or Cc (or both, as before)
  • it is now possible to import addresses from a csv file into a mailing list
  • it is now possible to share objects across domains. This must be enabled by admin in Administration/Security
  • instant messaging can now be enabled across domains
  • added preference setting to enable/disable sounds

Please see below for a detailed list of changes in this series.


  • fixed problem displaying some inline images in messages moved to a messageboard from a mailbox through filters
  • in Windows, set the DNS result caching to expire after 30 minutes.
  • attachment filtering by name is now case insensitive
  • fixed problem occurring when setting a group of tasks as completed/not completed
  • fixed problem occurring when replying to addresses with [] in the name
  • fixed problem clearing the (!) sign after a new check if there were no new messages since last check
  • added throttling of autoreplies. Autoreplies will not be sent to the same address more than once every 30 minutes - this avoids rare cases of looping with some remote SMTP servers.
  • when sending to a contact folder, the addresses in the folder are not expanded in the message saved in the sent folder. This for consistency when checking sent mail, and to avoid large database fields.
  • when replying/forwarding to an email, the Cc: field is now included in the original message
  • fixed problem in attaching personal contact vcard to emails


    • fixed missing icon in mail search page when using vertical view
    • fixed some HTTP 404 errors for missing images
    • fixed problem decoding wrongly encoded ISO-2022-JP (Japanese) emails
    • improved delivery retry algorhitm for multihomed hosts


    • added print button to calendar day, week and month views
    • fixed javascript error in General Preferences when setting EnableTips FALSE in Web.cfg
    • disabled reverse DNS lookup of IP addresses of client computers connected to DeskNow
    • fixed problem decoding badly fomatted attachment names that were actually URI addresses
    • fixed problem syncing mobile phone numbers with Outlook
    • slight change to DeskNow Logging API. Now added username and domainname parameters.
    • only the owner of a calendar is now allowed to clear it
    • updated french translation


    • fixed aliasing problem occurring when mixing global aliases, local aliases and mailing lists on the same address
    • fixed problem afflicting correct display of events in daily view when viewing many concurring calendars in the same page
    • fixed problem afflicting some attachment types when downloading from some external POP3 servers
    • added confirmation prompts for empty mailfolder commands
    • added check to prevent creation of mailing lists that are not valid email addresses


    • fixed problem with global aliases not reflected in mailing lists
    • fixed potential mail loop condition involving multiple autoreply filters
    • fixed case in which a retry delivery was not initiated if a remote SMTP connection failed


    • fixed problem with accented characters in messageboard listing
    • fixed problem in mckoirepair.bat batch file using absolute paths
    • major speed improvements in page generation


    • default mail identity now includes middle and last name (only for newly created accounts)
    • calendar day view can now scroll horizontally
    • use UTF-8 encoding in the Calendar/Manage page to display east asian characters
    • the homepage of admin now displays the disk quota and disk usage of the domain
    • fixed editing of signatures in mail identity page
    • fixed problem occurring when mixing 2 layers of global and local aliases
    • fixed javascript error when using the preference to compose message board messages in same window
    • fixed bug preventing user from saving Mail Preferences under particular cfg settings


    • improved explanation headers for antispam
    • External Accounts link not shown if disabled in user class
    • 'Open in new window' login option is now disabled by default. It can be enabled in Web.cfg
    • added commands to admin api to recalc disk usage for all users and for a specific domain
    • fixed problem of installing as service under Windows NT
    • added more options for time interval shown in calendar day view
    • fixed bug in changing the encoding of an outgoing mail message from the compose window
    • fixed problem associating calendar events to the wrong calendar due to name sorting


    • mailto:subject recognized in HTML emails
    • fixed bug when trying to terminate a user session
    • display of minicalendars in day view reenabled
    • increased protection and diagnostic for external POP3 accounts when checked on login
    • other minor UI fixes


    • fixed bug affecting catchall aliases
    • fixed bug affecting listing of available calendars for home page
    • fixed bug affecting display of message board threads


    • it is now possible to select which calendars to display in the home page
    • minor fix in decoding international attachment names in particular cases
    • fixed bug not recognizing catchall aliases
    • it is now possible to use wildcard for partial matches in local aliases
    • now "subject" (lowercase) in mailto: links is recognized as well
    • performance improvements in page rendering
    • fixed bug with firefox showing a garbled drop down menu over the left tree
    • various UI fixes
    • it is now possible to specify which network interface is used when establishing outgoing SMTP connections


    • initial public release of the series