Release history - 2.5.x

2.5 series

New features overview

  • added SyncML support. It is now possible to syncronize appointments, tasks and contacts between DeskNow and Outlook, PocketPC, Palm and every other SyncML enabled device, including many modern mobile phones.
  • included Outlookk Connector to the distribution
  • added HTML editing of emails and messages
  • added multilingual spelling checker with user's custom dictionary
  • threaded message boards
  • added support for read receipts and priority when receiving and sending emails
  • added the possibility to use multiple mail identities/signatures and changing them while composing an email
  • added more options for event recurrency
  • added support for SPF (Sender Permitted From) antispam protocol
  • added support for Kerberos authentication for ActiveDirectory
  • added ActiveDirectory authentication using the Kerberos protocol
  • added Kerberos authentication
  • improved caching
  • the location of an appointment (if any) is now shown in the Day/Week/Month views
  • icons are displayed to mark appointment reminders and recurrency
  • improved log message for unknown mailbox: added email address of the sender
  • added option to automatically remove undeliverable and quarantined messages from the queues after a certain time
  • improved window to select mail recipients
  • removed check for google toolbar on login page
  • improved DNS service detection to prevent incompatibilites with some rare network configurations. NB now DeskNow always uses the defualt DNS servers configured in the system
  • improved online help on how to setup Webfolders on Mac OSX and OS9

Please see below for a detailed list of changes in this series.


  • fixed problem occurring during SyncML connection with P800/P900 phones
  • fixed problem occurring when using mailing lists with an external SMTP server
  • fixed potential CPU 100% problem when setting email reminders on events recurring on the last day of every x months


  • further improvements on the fixing of the security vulnerability reported by SIG^2


  • improved decoding of email messages using 'inline' content-disposition types (used for signatures by some antivirus software)
  • closed security vulnerability reported by SIG^2


  • fixed problem preventing syncing of contacts in subfolders with PocketPC devices
  • fixed problem when creating consecutive multiple links to shared objects from different users (first user was always shown)
  • the end date option for recurrent events now allows years to be in the past (this is useful when syncing old calendars)
  • improved error logging when a disk access problem prevents listing of messages in mail queues
  • fixed problem that did not handle correctly the 'Never' preference in sending read receipts
  • fixed problem in renaming a mailing list
  • fixed problem in using the PocketPC Upload application with DeskNow
  • fixed internal error problem when using the 'always send read receipt' preference and viewing emails that request the read receipt for the first time
  • fixed error in user self registration when registering in a custom userclass in a virtual domain
  • upgraded Java version in Windows installer to 1.4.2_06. This fixes a rare CPU100% problem caused by malformed attachments using the iso-2022-jp character set (Japanese)


  • added antivirus parameters for AVG Antivirus Free 7
  • Implemented workaround for problem with the latest version of Spam Assassin, which could classify a mail as spam when the original mail client is Outlook and the mail was sent through DeskNow
  • fixed problem causing share password not to be accepted after server restart
  • fixed some minor SyncML bugs (especially for non-English characters)


  • fixed problem in saving events recurring yearly on the xth day of the week of a given month
  • fixed problem in synchronizing with Outlook events, contacts or tasks containing accented characters
  • fixed problem in filtering the content of outgoing messages on a word in the subject
  • updated portuguese (brazilian) translation
  • updated norwegian translation
  • domain aliases are now forced to be lowercase
  • added Gallegan translation
  • fixed minor issues in syncing contacts (email fields, and street address)
  • fixed syncml bug that could cause copies of a contact to appear in parent folders in Outlook
  • fixed problem when using LDAP authentication with a branch that did not contain 'dc' elements
  • fixed problem when deleting file folders with non-ASCII characters from the selection list (deletion from properties page worked fine)
  • removed <BASE HREF> tags when displaying html emails, as it could confuse browsers when fetching images
  • disk quota exceptions when assigning emails to an user are reported immediately back to the sender - no retries


  • is now recognized as an alias for localhost (according to RFC 1122, Sec. This can avoid mail loops involving some MX records incorrectly configured
  • added configuration option to get the IP address of the remote client from proxy headers if DeskNow is behind a forward proxy (ex. Apache)
  • forced setting of default priority in tasks - fixes potential confusion when syncing with Palm devices
  • fixed potential syncml problem when syncing large number of events
  • fixed javascript problem regarding number of recurrencies when modifying a recurrent event
  • space and colon characters replaced in mail headers if present in rebranded application name, to avoid possible incompatibilities with other clients
  • fixed problem of duplicate contacts after using the HTTP API command to recreate the user directory when using PostgreSQL
  • fixed some formatting problems when resuming editing emails saved in drafts
  • fixed some inconstincencies in branding
  • fixed problem in disabling tips from cfg file
  • improved attachment decoding when there is no plaintext message body and there are plaintext attachments


  • event location displayed even when the event is a fullday event
  • updated Dutch translation
  • added Greek translation
  • improved performance of webmail when sending large attachments
  • fixed bug affecting recurring event with certain timezones, the recurrency set to every n days (n > 1), and the event being a fullday event
  • fixed bug in SPF checks affecting SMTP servers where the HELO host has a different SPF record from the domain
  • corrected incompatibility problem with WAP phones using OpenWave technology
  • WAP encoding now defaults to UTF-8
  • fixed problem converting double line breaks in single line breaks when editing HTML emails using IE and changing the mail identity
  • fixed problem in Mozilla blocking HTML editing after a particular sequence of keystrokes


  • fixed some compilation errors occurring when using Tomcat 5
  • fixed problem related to change of language causing 'Name already in use'
  • fixed incorrect logging of messages rejected due to expiration of expirydate in the mail address
  • updated danish translation


  • solved problem causing AVG antivirus invocation to hang in some very particular cases output generated on stderr)
  • delivery errors due to dns problems are no longer considered permanent. the delivery will be retried later
  • added API command to delete mail messages from a folder (all messages, or only messages before a certain date)
  • incresead loop logic detection with X-Loop headers
  • fixed problem in displaying message boards when using DeskNow on custom installation with Tomcat 5


  • improved logging of mail filtering
  • Now SMTP users sending with a 'from' domain not in DeskNow will see attachments filtered according to the default domain
  • fixed possible error when saving content filtering preferences
  • closed ActiveDirectory connections are now reopened transparently
  • Fixed problem causing an extra character to be added to an address in a mailing list after another addres is deleted
  • added LDAP authentication plugin
  • fixed problem that caused contact pick window to appear again when pressing space in the html editor (the focus was still on the pick button)
  • fixed broken signature smart swap in mozilla/firefox
  • fixed some cases in which mail compose buttons were not displaying in recent versions of firefox when opening in new window
  • after a spellcheck, some <p> are removed (IE only)
  • increased date range in calendar event edit
  • fixed problem adding a ? character in HTML emails in some east-asian encodings


  • fixed but that affected checkbox in dialog to select DeskNow attachments
  • fixed bug that could prevent using the spelling checker dictionary of a different language after a change in Preferences
  • fixed 'index out of bounds' problem that could occur when upgrading from very old versions
  • fixed problem with visualization of send button where the to,cc or bcc field contains many addresses
  • added option in ActiveDirectry to create accounts in different communities according the the AD position
  • fixed problem with broken connections in Active Directory not being automatically recreated
  • improved cahing of user preferences
  • fixed problem occurring when upgrading from earlier versions of DeskNow with several thousands of message board posts in the database, and the DB used was SQL Server 2000
  • new version of the SyncML Outlook connector


  • threaded message boards
  • HTML editing in message boards
  • added multilingual spell checker, supporting 14 different languages
  • added administration panel to monitor active sessions. It is possible to terminate active sessions.
  • added option to backup configuration files (including license key)
  • added option to forward a copy of all incoming and outgoing emails to a specific email address, for archiving
  • added filter condition to match a custom header in the message
  • added option to make mailing lists accessible to everyone. This allows using mailing list to distribute emails inside the organization
  • fixed problem causing the wrong mail identity to be used in the From field in outgoing emails
  • fixed problem hiding send buttons in mail compose window in IE in particular cases
  • fixed problem causing the edit panel to to be shown in Mozilla in particular cases (when the default format was plain and the user requests a change to HTML)
  • fixed problem with case sensitivity when adding/removing mailing lists
  • DeskNow now retries the delivery when the remote server replies with a temporary greylisting message
  • added option in ActiveDirectory authentication plugin to specify the exact LDAP query to use when looking for users
  • fixed problem with PostgreSQL 8 due to now correct interpretation of indexes by PostgreSQL (the workaround that was necessary for earlier versions of Postgres is now disabled)


  • fixed error when editing drafts
  • fixed error when sending emails and no recipient is specified
  • fixed possible crash of IE when using the HTML editor in some cases
  • fixed style of sent HTML emails to reduce spacing between paragraphs


  • fixed error occurring when composing a new mail and the default mail format is 'Plain' and there is no signature defined
  • added dectection of browsers that do not support HTML editor
  • added option to disable HTML editor
  • fixed problem when sending very large messages (tens of Mb) via webmail
  • fixed missing display of appointments that started and finished at 00:00 AM
  • fixed potential error occurring after a restart: 'Name already in use'


  • initial release of the series