Release history - 2.4.x

2.4 series

New features overview

  • New database structure to optimize performance reducing database access
  • Improved database caching
  • Added support for load balancing DeskNow in a cluster
  • Added support for external authentication, via custom plugins
  • Added plugin for external authentication with Active Directory
  • Added domain mailing lists
  • Added user groups
  • Improved flexibility of access control in object sharing
  • Added content filtering to filter incoming and outgoing emails by content, senders, recipients, attachment names, size, etc.
  • it is now possible to specify the maximum number of users that a domain can have

Please see below for a detailed list of changes in this series.


  • fixed bug that could cause a wrong number to be temporarily displayed as the number of messages in a folder
  • minor fixes in various translations


  • fixed bug that could cause the display of the wrong number of unread emails under particular circumstances
  • improved performance under PostgreSQL with workaround for PostgreSQL bug on indexes with bigint columns
  • improved performance with more caching
  • fixed problem with import of data from version 2.3 with large contact address fields
  • fixed bug with downloading files/attachments with a space in the name (the space was being converted to +)
  • fixed bug that affected user groups when an user of a group was deleted
  • it is now possible again to disable the personal calendar for a class of users


  • fixed bug happening when a file folder shared by admin was removed and the admin user account was cached (prevented user login until admin user account was reloaded from db, typically after 60 minutes)
  • fixed bug occurring when moving single contacts from one folder to another
  • rebranding now changes the name of the application in the email printout


  • Improved speed of mail page navigation on MySQL
  • Fixed bug that displayed a number instead of a user's name when sending emails to a list of contacts in a folder
  • Removed unnecessary message from the internal error log regarding a missing user preference
  • When sending an email to a group of contacts, the sent message is now saved with the expanded address list, as the received message
  • Fixed potential POP3 and SMTP authentication bug
  • Fixed problem in SMTP authentication with Mozilla Mail.


  • added options to disable first bounce message on delivery error, but enabling the final bounce message
  • fixed problem with custom external authentication provider if it implements the PasswordInfoProvider interface
  • fixed problem when trying to create a new folder using PocketPC interface
  • fixed problem that prevented use of @ in logging in to POP3 accounts in virtual domains (use of -- was still possible)
  • fixed problem in uploading logos that were in jpg format
  • it is now possible to define full day events across multiple days (before it was possible ony as a normal timed event)
  • files and attachments containing asian characters in the name are now saved to disk using the correct characters
  • If using MySQL, DeskNow checks that the type of the tables in the db is actually InnoDB (it could have been disabled by some server settings)
  • DeskNow checks that the version of JavaMail available is 1.3.1 or above. This fixes a problem when using 'reply all' and the custom application server used had an old version of mail.jar overriding the one provided with DeskNow.


  • improved caching system by calculating size of cached objects
  • added API methods to examine cache status, and cfg parameters to adjust max cache size
  • fixed problem causing 'Could not find row to delete' under some mail bounce cases
  • improved login speed by reducing number of queries on database to retriev contact folders
  • word content filtering now checks email subjects as well
  • whitelist of admin user is now checked for all users of a domain
  • added cfg options to disable startup tips and autorefresh


  • fixed problem occurring when updating the 'match' condition of a filter
  • fixed problem with use of SMTP forwarding
  • fixed problem occurring when removing a file folder share


  • fixed problem in sending an email draft that contained a previously attached file
  • added check in antivirus administration to detect if the antivirus process did not complete within a given time
  • it is now possible to define different logos for different virtual domains. (for the correct logo to be selected, the correct URL must be used to access DeskNow)
  • added documentation on how to make the DeskNow Windows service to start after the database service
  • it is now possible to create in the same contacts folder multiple contacts with the same name. It is possible to create contacts without the person name (for organizations).
  • fixed problem occurring when pressing cancel while creating a new calendar or message board
  • added configuration option to disable 'open in new window' box for new users, by default
  • downloaded files and attachment now declare the appropriate MIME type (for the most common types). Other types are configurable in the application server
  • added mailing lists with permissions
  • added user groups functionality. It is now possible to define user groups to assign them permissions in shared objects, mailing lists, ...
  • changed the way permissions on shared objects are managed (including user groups, etc)
  • new system for mailing lists. global lists can be defined by the administrator, have an assigned address, and different permissions
  • added preview of image attachments. Can be disabled in Preferences/General
  • added page to monitor the status of the servers in the cluster
  • added content based mail filtering/blocking. Filtering is done per domain, and different filters exist for incoming and outgoing messages. It is now possible to block messages that contain offensive words, that were sent (or not sent) by certain domains, that contain attachments of particular types, and so on.
  • it is now possible to specify the maximum number of users that a domain can have
  • new methods in the HTTP API to clear the system cache and to edit an user account
  • included full documentation for Active Directory integration
  • performance improvements


  • fixed problem preventing change of password
  • fixed problem occurring when deleting a contact
  • fixed problem occurring in some circumstances where an event was not listed under the correct calendar
  • fixed problem with sorting of events in a day in the month of week view
  • fixed problem occurring when creating a recurring event
  • it is now not possible to change the user password from the web interface, if external authentication is used
  • added preference to change the options shown when selecting the minutes in the start and time of an event
  • added 'Today' link in the various calendar views


  • New database structure to optimize performance reducing database access
  • Improved database caching
  • Added support for load balancing DeskNow in a cluster
  • Added support for external authentication, via custom plugins
  • Added plugin for external authentication with Active Directory
  • Added 'Change personal details' to permissions for user classes - distinct from change preferences
  • Added option to prepend a short text to the subject of spam messages for mail clients that cannot filter based on headers (ex. Outlook Express)
  • Added admin option to disable spam report for all users
  • Completed tasks are shown/hidden in the Day/Week/Month view according to the preference set in Preferences/Calendar
  • Added check of reverse PTR record. DeskNow now can check the reverse PTR record of the IP address that is sending an email, and compare it with the HELO command, the MAIL FROM command, or both, and reject non-complying messages. This greatly reduces the risk of address forging.
  • Added option to send an email notification to the intended recipient of an infected email that was blocked by the system
  • It is now possible to customize the welcome email from the web interface. Every domain can have a different welcome email. Welcome emails can contain non-latin characters.
  • It is now possible to authenticate with use@domain to the SMTP and POP3 service (instead of the old user--domain)
  • Added more branding options to Web.cfg file (see documentation)
  • Fixed problem on wrong addresses being used when clicking "reply to all" and some addresses contained a comma character
  • DNSBL now is checked for mail received via POP3 even if the SMTP server is set to reject immediately
  • Fixed 'Object not found' error when sending one's own personal contact details in an email
  • Fixed some problems with uploading of the login logo in some cases
  • Fixed problem that prevented automatic removal of old spam messages in some cases
  • Fixed inconsistency with the number of old backup copies kept (now it's one more, to account for the one just made)
  • Fixed problem when creating a link to a file folder that contains non-latin characters and the database used is MS SQL Server.
  • Added link to view details of an error
  • Pressing the Enter key when composing emails, events, tasks, messages or contacts no longer causes the form to be submitted
  • The spam report is no longer sent if the user did not receive spam in the previous day.
  • Check of DNSBL records now uses the DNS settings in the configuration files
  • fixed minor problem that affected some fields of vCards generated from a contact
  • improved logic for detection of forwarding loops
  • parse threads for mail are now forced to 1 if the db used is McKoi (fixes possibility of db error if multiple large emails were processed at the same time using the embedded db - external databases were not affected)