Dynamic web interface

Familiar and complete

DeskNow offers an advanced Outlook-style web interface with menus, folder tree, which provides an easy transition from traditional mail clients.


The interface uses interactive AJAX technology to increase interaction with server without page refresh. Get real time popup alerts when new emails arrive, get an address autocomplete list as soon as you start typing the first letter of a name, find out in real time the free/busy schedule of a person you're inviting to a meeting, etc.

Interactive web applications provide all the ease of use of traditional applications, but can be accessed from anywhere and require no client installation/upgrade.


Choose from multiple color themes, font size and style customization.

Customize themes and page layout with the most advanced template engine. Change the look and feel of UI elements (tables, menus, buttons) without having to change every page in the interface.

Easily add your own branding, logos, and company names.


All pages use UTF-8 encoding to support automatically every character set

The web interface has been translated in more than 20 languages.


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