User administration

Multi-level administration

DeskNow supports unlimited user domains. Each domain has its own Administrator with a separate login. This is ideal for hosting sites, where user administration can be delegated. Each domain can have its own logos, shared folders and calendars, mail aliases, etc.

DeskNow also supports mail domain aliases - for example you can change the name of a company, and setup an alias so that mail to will be automatically delivered to

Each domain can be further organized in multiple communities, each with its own community manager. This is ideal for office branches, etc.

User grouping and permissions for easier access control

Define user groups for easier sharing and access control (ex. share a folder only with users in the 'Managers' group).

Define user classes to define what functionalities are accessible to a class of users (ex. class 'Contractors' can only access the company message board and the company calendar. No webmail, contacts, etc will shown in the menu).

Enable/disable accounts or domains from login, while still receiving mail.

Easy migration

DeskNow can automatically import email accounts, passwords, emails from Microsoft Exchange or any other IMAP mail server.

Active Directory and LDAP integration

Integrate account management with Active directory and LDAP to simplify user management in your company - more.

Advanced trial accounts for ISPs and ASPs

Enable user, community or domain self-registration. Trial accounts can have automatic expiration and expiration reminders.

Create accounts from script or web page using Administration API