DeskNow supports the latest SyncML standard (v. 1.1), passing the official certification test suite.

SyncML is the industry-standard protocol for synchronizing data between devices. It is supported and defined by the Open Mobile Alliance .

With SyncML, your users can seamlessly sync contacts, events tasks between their DeskNow account, Outlook on the desktop, Palm or PocketPC, or their mobile phone - without cables!

Wide client support

SyncML clients are available for Microsoft Outlook (via the especially designed DeskNow SyncML Connector for Outlook), BlackBerry, Palm, PocketPC and many other clients.

SyncML is already supported by most modern mobile phones from Nokia, SonyEricsson, Motorola and others.

Advanced sync options

Users can sync personal and / or shared folders. When syncing with mobile devices, it is possible to sync only selected folders/calendars, define default folders/calendars, etc.

Requires optional DeskNow SyncML Connector license for the server. The Outlook plugin is free.

Sync with Outlook