Email digital encryption and signing

DeskNow is the first mail and webmail server to fully support the S/MIME digital email encryption standard.

S/MIME is the most widely adopted digital mail encryption protocol, and the only protocol supported by default by the most popular mail clients like Microsoft Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird.

Total email security and privacy

Supporting the latest S/MIME Internet protocol, DeskNow allows you to send emails that are digitally encrypted and that can be read only by the intended recipient.

The S/MIME standard guarantees a high level of privacy for all electronic communications, protecting both email text and attachments.

Other people can send you encrypted mail using the same protocol (using DeskNow or an S/MIME compliant mail client), and you can decrypt and view the email from the web interface.

Mail signing and verification

In addition to encrypting/decrypting emails, DeskNow lets you digitally sign an email before sending it. This will prove to the recipient that the email was sent by you, and not tampered with during transit.

Many government organizations and large companies need total accountability and traceability of emails, to leave a secure documented trail for future audit checks, and ensure total accountability for every message.

Seamless integration and ease of use

DeskNow integrates digital signing and encryption seamlessly in the web interface, making it as easy as sending normal emails.

The interface is completely similar to that used by Microsoft Outlook. DeskNow encryption and signing is totally compatible with other popular mail clients like Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird.

Certificate management

DeskNow integrates a full-featured Certification Authority system, which lets domain administrators handle company certificates and create and sign personal certificates for individual users. This greatly simplifies the management of digital certificates within the organization, and avoids the need for external tools, certificate import/export, and so on.

DeskNow can obviously import certificates created and signed by public certification authorities as well.

DeskNow can also import/export digital certificates to/from other DeskNow servers or mail clients like Outlook or Thunderbird.

Every user can use multiple digital certificates for signing and decrypting emails. Also digital certificates of other people are tightly integrated in the Address Book, making it easy to encrypt outgoing mail, verifying digital signatures, and sharing certificates with other users.

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