DeskNow allows two different access types to Palm devices. You can use one of them, or both, according to your needs.

POP3/SyncML (offline access)

  • one-click to synchronize appointments, tasks, contacts with your Palm and access them at any time
  • enter new contacts, appointments, tasks on the device while on the road, and sync back to the server at the end of the day. Get the changes from the server at the same time
  • works with both personal and group data
  • the synchronization can be either wired (through the cradle) or wireless (GPRS, WiFi)
  • uses the open standard SyncML protocol. Supports SSL encryption and works through web proxies.
  • download a copy of your emails via POP3

See the online user help for instructions on how to setup your device .
Requires optional DeskNow SyncML Connector license . May require third party SyncML software for Palm, as explained in the online manual.

IMAP (online access)

  • access your mail folders with your Mail application, browse the email subjects, download only the emails that you are interested in

Web interface (online access)

  • most DeskNow functionalities are accessible from any Palm device, using WAP or Pocket interface (through the Blazer browser)
  • no synchronization required