Mail server

Supported protocols

  • SMTP protocol with the following capability extensions: SIZE (rfc1870), STARTTLS (rfc2487), AUTH (rfc2554)
  • IMAP4 protocol with the following capability extensions: IDLE (rfc2177), NAMESPACE (rfc2342), CRAM-MD5 authentication (rfc2195)
  • POP3 protocol
  • plain and SSL-encrypted connections for SMTP, POP3, IMAP4

Security and content filtering

  • advanced antispam features
  • antivirus scanning integrating with most commercial and free antivirus tools
  • complete content filtering: block incoming and outgoing messages containing prohibited terms, particular attachments names/types/sizes. Use different settings for incoming and outgoing mail. Use different settings for every domain
  • automatic time-limited mail addresses to use in public forums: these addresses expire at a set date, to avoid spam

Traffic control

  • define limits like max messages sent per hour or per day, maximum number of recipients per connection, etc.


  • unlimited domains, domain aliases
  • unlimited mailing lists with access control
  • unlimited mail aliases (for user accounts and domains). Mail aliases can be in a domain or across domains (e.g. you can have an alias like * -> *
  • users can set automatic replies, forwards and much more using powerful mail filters
  • vacation autoresponders with start/stop dates and exclusion of mailing lists
  • personal and shared distribution lists integrated with the address book
  • shared mail folders with flexible permissions and common or per-user read flags. easily setup a company inbox, have all replies stored in the same folder automatically

Mailing lists

  • define unlimited mailing lists for each domain
  • assign permissions to mailing lists, by users, groups, communities, members
  • define custom footers, reply to, etc
  • easily add single addresses, groups, communities to the mailing list
  • import mailing list form text file, or use custom API to add/remove addresses from other scripts/applicaitons
  • enable self-subscription and unsubscription to mailing list via integrated or customized web form, with custom confirmation emails

Routing and mail fetching

  • SMTP forwarding: forward all outgoing emails to another SMTP server
  • static routing: define forwarding SMTP routes for particular target domains (bypassing MX records)
  • restrict SMTP relaying to block open relay spamming: authorize only specific IP/subnets, and/or use SMTP client authentication
  • retrieve emails from external POP3 accounts. Distribute emails coming from a single mailbox to different users

Easy administration

  • web based administration
  • easily restore emails, folders, entire accounts from the nightly backup - no need to setup a second server to extract a message from the backup!
  • import mail accounts from existing IMAP servers - even in batch
  • import messages from Unix mbox format
  • import messages via IMAP drag&drop from any mail client
  • can be disabled to make DeskNow Mail and Collaboration server work with your existing mail server (Exchange, Notes, Qmail, etc.)

Automatic migration from other servers

  • automatically migrate accounts and emails from Exchange or any other IMAP mail server. Includes smart import of Exchange aliases

SMTP configuration

Personal autoresponders