DeskNow employs a wide range of antispam technologies which give an average hit rate of >98%, while being very configurable to avoid false positives being caught.


Configure multiple DNSBL services to check for blacklisted senders, known open relays, servers in dialup IP ranges, etc.


Block emails that contain links to blacklisted web sites. Every spam email has to advertise a product or an order form on a web site. This technology blocks emails that link to known spam web sites.


SPF is a new technology that helps blocking emails that use a fake sender address.


A very effective antispam technology, it forces spammers to resend their message after a given delay. Most don't bother. Also incredibly efficient in blocking the spread of mail virus worms and DOS attacks.

Bayesan filtering

Use Bayesan filtering to classify messages based on their text content. The filtering engine can be easily trained by the users to improve its accuracy. Learning is as easy as clicking on 'This is spam' and 'This is not spam' links

Reverse DNS entry

DeskNow can check Reverse DNS entries for senders - missing entries are a typical sign of spamming servers.


Forcedly slow down incoming connections if they send to many recipients - this makes spam attacks less efficient, and many spammers give up before completing the delivery.

User friendly

Every user can set the preferred spam probability threshold for spam classification.

All spam messages are stored into a 'spam' folder, available for review.

There are per-user and shared whitelists to ensure messages from particular addresses or domains are never classified as spam. All user's and company's contacts are automatically whitelisted.

Daily spam report to notify every user of how many messages were classified as spam each day (can be disabled).

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